Solar Camera US

Babineau Systems is out of business.

Welcome to Solar Camera US.

A solar Camera consists of solar panel(s), batteries, solar controller, and wireless IP camera with a SD card. A solar camera can be placed anywhere outside to provide video surveillance. Our solar cameras provide night vision, local recording, pan/tilt, remote access via PC/Smartphone, email notification, snapshot and/or motion detection, and continuous WIFI video streaming. These solar cameras can be used as standalone or integrated into an IP camera system. We offer systems with WIFI receivers/access points, network video recorders, and monitors, to give you a 24/7 video system that works.

This website is interactive. This means that you can click on an image and be given additional information or be taken to a website. We have been working on providing you the most comprehensive information and products.

Our solar camera systems have been tested and work in the New England climate. This means that you can expect our product to work 24/7 even in winter.

Please note that financing is now available for those who qualify. Please contact us for further information.

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